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How to create a suggestion
Started by SackThing101
(2013-06-29 00:05:08)
SackThing101 (2013-06-29 00:05:08)
( I noticed the Topic like this was unsticked so, I will make a new one. )

Hello. I will be teaching you how to write a suggestion Properly. Well, let's gwet started.

Before suggesting...

Make sure it's compatible with at least 3DS/Dsi like, here's some stuff to NOT suggest:

-Watch Videos from 3DS/DSi!
No, the Internet Browser on 3DS/DSi CAN NOT support Flash Player.

-Download 3DSPlaza games onto 3DS/DSi!
No, the 3DS/DSi Browser does not Support downloading games.

-Sound Effects on 3DSPlaza!
No, the 3DS/DSi Browser doesn't support Sound.

-Adding Friends from 3DSPlaza to your 3DS/DSi Friends list!
No, some people don't have a 3DS and the DSi/3DS browser can't support it.

-Put Emotimcons from 3DSPlaza to 3DS/DSi Friends list!
No, that will be Impossible, the emotioncons are made from HTML and cannot be Supported. ( I think )

oh yeah! Make sure it;s not suggested, look in the first 2-4 pages before suggesting.

Make it explainable

I've seen alot of Suggestions that I cannot understand, try making it long, and if you know Programing, tell 3DSPlaza how to do it. I don't know Programing, I just started.

Make a sketch

Draw it, make it come alive to you! Like say, if it's on the main menu, sketch how the that will work.

Now, posting comments

I've seen alot of hurtful comments on here, try and give your best opinion WITHOUT hurting anyone's feelings.

Now go out there and post your greatest Suggestion!

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2013-07-04 12:54:23

angelrulez7 (2013-07-01 17:10:31)
As I told you before, email is possible. It's not like it uses flash.
SackThing101 (2013-07-10 21:24:09)
^ True.
Slytherin-Piper (2013-07-13 02:02:26)
Actually,look up DSitube.It plays videos.Closed

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2013-07-13 09:04:15

There now, steady love.
So few come and don't go.
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SackThing101 (2013-07-13 05:54:01)
^ GIF videos.
Kathrine (2013-07-21 22:07:56)
Uh how am I supposed to make a topic without you closing it....? (Not trying to be mean)
SackThing101 (2013-07-22 01:32:24)
^ You asked "how to make a topic" but when you posted that, that was a Topic.
Oblivion (2013-08-02 00:19:24)
Cool. But Feature suggestions took up as "Add-ons" Not "take-away" (I think.).
The world will end in pure Death.
Oblivion (2013-08-02 00:19:44)
Oh Nevermind
The world will end in pure Death.
Cr1tiKaL (2014-07-12 06:11:01)
@karaoke Anyway that was a horrible idea.
legendaryswag (2014-07-17 16:31:13)
guys we neeed to start a rule with fakers i mean they are to coward to put their own face on
se7en (2015-05-02 21:35:59)
can we have more apps an games
from se7en
Destroiya (2015-05-30 11:46:45)
^This isn't a suggestion thread.
None may challenge the brotherhood.
squirtle2016 (2016-02-07 12:27:57)
The DSi and 3DS support animated GIF files. You can use those.
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