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New chat bot
Started by squirtle2016
(2016-03-05 23:12:44)
squirtle2016 (2016-03-05 23:12:44)
Robdebot and SomeLuigiBot really have no use because of the servercrash. I think a new chat bot should be added to help out.
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Jill (2016-03-08 04:36:35)
Give more detail, what would such a bot be named, what would it's use be? Would you be able to summon it like Robdebot and SomeLuigiBot? Who'd add this bot, because Rob isn't going to?

WiiUGuy (2016-04-02 04:31:46)
Re-add BobBot!!! Yeeeey
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squirtle2016 (2016-04-04 02:34:04)
^^ That should be left to the admins to decide, but it could automatically warn users for bypassing if no moderators are in the chatroom.
Stop, or you die.
OrbitalLight64 (2017-08-18 21:43:39)
They could call it LittleChatBot
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