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Buyable cSplit
Started by WiiUGuy
(2016-04-02 04:29:45)
WiiUGuy (2016-04-02 04:29:45)
cSplit costs 300,000 3DSPoints
! Warning WiiUGuy stop flooding the hat just to get cSplit !
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SpriteMite (2016-04-04 01:13:45)
no it doesn't
I think this might be a good idea to make it more accessible, but I would think it would take longer to actually get that many points than to just be active in the chats.
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squirtle2016 (2016-04-05 12:54:00)
If cSplit is buyable, it should be lower-priced, like at 250 points.
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Chloeci (2016-04-15 04:58:22)
It should be 1500 points.
TwilightWinter (2016-06-13 00:20:03)
OP, that's too much.
OrbitalLight64 (2017-08-19 07:40:49)
It could be 800 3ds Points
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