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what do you like most about the 3ds plaza shop? (3)
Started: May 15th by Popsicle2
Last post: Jun. 14th by sandy960
Anything new? (2)
Started: May 20th by cju312
Last post: May 20th by ChampionLeake
How to I delete by account? (4)
Started: May 08th by MoonLight
Last post: May 13th by TheMLGPotatoM8
Wow, guys. (6)
Started: Apr. 03th by Chaos
Last post: Apr. 17th by Crystalphoenix
Net Neutrality: It's not too late! (6)
Started: Dec. 15th by Kamehame731
Last post: Apr. 14th by Shane
What's "your" definition of 3DSPlaza? (14)
Started: Dec. 18th by ChampionLeake
Last post: Apr. 13th by Dreo
3DSPlaza's sixth anniversary! (33)
Started: Jan. 31th by Robdeprop
Last post: Apr. 12th by BriGoRawr
Getting 3DS Plaza up and running again. (4)
Started: Apr. 07th by SamisOkayToday
Last post: Apr. 08th by ChampionLeake
Reasons why Plaza is dead. (8)
Started: Nov. 28th by rubiks
Last post: Apr. 07th by SamisOkayToday
Logged back in recently. Sublime memories (4)
Started: Feb. 23th by gatorman2
Last post: Apr. 02th by TheGreatOne
You Now vs. When You First Joined Plaza (89)
Started: Feb. 16th by little5
Last post: Jan. 16th by AntiChrist
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